First Bexley Community Lottery of the new year sees a £250 win!

Mon 7 January 2019
First Bexley Community Lottery of the new year sees a £250 win!

Bexley Community Lottery players enjoyed another win this weekend in the first draw of the new year (5th January 2019), with a supporter of Bexley Women’s Aid winning £250 in prize money!

Since launching in August, 48 people have won a cash prize on the lottery ranging from £25 to £2000. This weekend saw the second win of £250 through the Bexley Community Lottery.

Lottery tickets cost £1 and 60p of each £1 directly supports the 57 good causes who are signed up to the Bexley Communiuty Lottery. The amount of money that Bexley's good causes raise through the lottery, corresponds to the number of tickets that they sell. The remaining 40p of the ticket cost goes towards the prizes, VAT and admin costs.

While many Bexley Community Lottery players donate their ticket money to a charity of their choice, others donate it to a central fund. This fund will be launched in Spring 2019 as the Bexley Community Fund which local community groups will be welcome to bid for.

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